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    Because we offer: Human Pricing.
    Since a computer will never know if a property sold for a high price because it was marketed well or if another sold for a low price because the foundation was cracked…. all the computer knows is that they both sold. Much the way a computer can’t appreciate art, they simply fall short when it comes to evaluation.
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    Detailed analysis and clear next steps

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    Get all the important parts of a comparative market analysis, throw in a list of the top local real estate agents who are proven to sell homes like yours for more money, and back it all up with your home’s Simple Sale™ price — typically 90-95% of your home’s full market value — if you’d rather skip the listing process entirely.

    Kick off your home sale armed with the right information.

    How home value estimates are calculated

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    Online home valuation tools look at millions of transactions to predict what a home is worth but they’re often missing crucial data, making them inaccurate. By asking a few specific questions about your home, we can add a new layer of information to our estimates and get closer to an accurate value for your home. But even that can only get you so far.

    That’s where our Simple Sale™ price comes in. When you request a home value estimate, we ask our network of buyers to make you a real offer on the home. They compete for your business and you’re presented with the highest bid. Usually, this offer is around 90 – 95% of your home’s market value.

    If you want to get even closer to your home’s true value, we’ll connect you with a top real estate agent near you. Local real estate agents can physically view the property, they list homes like yours every day, they know the neighborhoods, they know what’s trending, and they can call out unique characteristics on the property. No online tool can do all of that.

    Online Tools Home Valuations

    Top Agents Home Valuations

    Publicly Available Data

    Compile tax records and assessments with other data sources.

    Recent Sales History

    Combine the home's last sale price with current market price.

    Comparable Market Analysis

    Look at recent sales records for other properties in the same neighborhood.

    Knowledge of the Area

    Nearby schools, trendy restaurants, and the next door neighbor's dog all come into play.

    Characteristics & Condition

    A thorough property inspection is done to note any problem or home improvements that may impact the value.

    Local Market Conditions

    Working in the same neighborhood all year gives agents perspective on local trends.

    Buyer Preferences

    Agents regularly work with buyers and learn the current housing tastes.

    Frequently Asked Questions

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    Unlike automated valuation, we have a real person sit down and look at all the factors when determining your homes value which in return makes them a lot more accurate.
    Local market, your home’s size and condition, what comparable homes are selling for, any upgrades you’ve done to your home, and any other economic indicators.
    A comparative market analysis is a tool that real estate agents use to estimate the value of a specific property by evaluating similar ones that have recently sold in the same area.
    The valuation will be emailed to you. Other options are available if requested

    Tips and tools to tackle your home sale

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    Backed by America’s top real estate agents, rigorous research, and data analysis. All designed to help you find the smartest way to sell your home.

    What our clients say

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    • Zillow 5 Star Review  As first time homebuyers, working with David was a great experience! He ensured the whole process went smoothly for us and was quick to respond to any questions we had.… read more

      hillary n crawford
      December 12, 2022

      Zillow 5 Star Review  David was extremely helpful in getting my home sold in a timely manner and at a price I was totally satisfied with. He spent a lot of time and detail… read more

      May 27, 2022

      Zillow 5 Star Review  David did a great job selling our house in Lancaster. He would keep me updated throughout the entire process, and negotiated the terms we wanted in escrow. I’ll be using… read more

      erik grigorian
      January 16, 2023
    • Zillow 5 Star Review  David handle the sale of my house in Tehachapi amazingly. I would highly recommend him. He was very knowledgeable with everything and helped us make smart choices with all things.

      August 15, 2022

      Zillow 5 Star Review  A very competent and helpful agent, and I’ve used a few! Made a very difficult and lengthy sale possible. He was great at negotiating and staying on top of things.… read more

      August 18, 2022

      Zillow 5 Star Review  Zillow review: David did a great job helping us buy our home in Lancaster. He always returned our calls, and kept us updated on what was going on throughout the… read more

      April 14, 2023
    • Zillow 5 Star Review  I looked and called for Relators a friend suggested. David! I called, he immediately responded as a probate Relator for my parents estate was very chaotic. I had siblings that… read more

      November 21, 2023

      Zillow 5 Star Review  I met David through my local community group-and am so glad I did. He and his team made selling our home the smoothest I’ve ever experienced. He was very communicative… read more

      February 10, 2024

      Zillow 5 Star Review  I couldn’t be happier with the service provided by David. From promptly answering all my calls to efficiently getting things started, they made the entire property purchase process smooth and… read more

      April 16, 2024
    • Zillow 5 Star Review  It was a pleasure working with David towards the sale of our home. His professionalism and kind finesse made the twists and turns we encountered successful for all parties involved.… read more

      April 24, 2023

      Zillow 5 Star Review  David helped us buy an investment property, and he was on top of everything the entire time. His communication helped things go smoothly, and without issue. He’s honest, and all… read more

      April 16, 2023

      Zillow 5 Star Review  David and his team are amazing! They were extremely responsive in answering any questions we had. They helped us every step of the way. David was incredibly professional and knowledgeable.… read more

      January 12, 2024

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